The small business workshop engineered for growth.

Pulling all 4 Levers Guarantees rapid business Growth!


Why you should attend!

If you’re the owner or manager of a small business and serious about driving growth this year – Then you need to attend this workshop! During this workshop  you will be working directly on your business, implementing the 4 Growth Levers that will have the biggest impact on business growth!

The 4 Growth Levers are: Traffic, Leads, Conversions & Automation.

Pulling on all 4 levers will catapult your business like never before.

Here’s how you’ll benefit

Boosting Your Traffic

You’ll identify exactly were your are losing traffic & how to find a whole new source of fresh customers searching for your products and services that you’re currently missing out on now!

Boosting Your Leads

You’ll develop a lead generation system that will consistently deliver qualified leads of potential customers ready to buy, under your terms, conditions & price.

Boosting Your Conversions

You’ll throw out typical customer service and replace it with the ultimate customer experience mapped to a buyers journey that will have  customers lining up to do business with you.

Boosting Your Sales

You’ll implement strategies that will make it easier for your customers to buy more from you, more often plus refer all their friends & family.

Boosting Your Systems

You’ll test drive the latest easy to use automation tools to first hand experience how systemising your business can accelerate your growth like you never imagined.

Boost Your ROI

You’ll discover how to track the critical numbers that drive your success, so you can make data driven decisions about how to grow your business with confidence.

Why IS this workshop different

This intensive workshop will be fast paced, informative & highly interactive, giving you practical applications you can implement right there and now. There is no fluff! Just solid tactical outcomes and how-to’s on what you need to do to achieve the biggest impact!

The workshop is divided into 4 sessions, each building on each other. During each session you’ll be rolling up your sleeves and working on both individual and group activities that will give you the exact actions and steps you need to grow your business.

You’ll also benefit from the fact that it’s a “mind trust” where you’ll get to interact, learn and experience from other business owners and managers, just like you, and collectively get deeper insights and understanding that you wouldn’t get on your own.



Every business registered to the workshop will receive an “Online Presence Report” that will identify you’re business’s online visibility. During this first session you will identify exactly where you’re missing traffic & loosing opportunities. Armed with this report you will pinpoint your marketing gaps that are costing you money. During the session you will put in place an immediate plan of action on how to fix these traffic gaps to drive more business to your website and front door. Guaranteed!


more views across Google searches and maps


more customer actions from Google (web clicks, directions, calls)


more views on sites other than Google, Yelp & Bing

Yeah…the results are that good

….don’t let your competition get in first…!

Session 2:


In this second session you will have the opportunity to generate new business leads right there in the workshop. This is a network session like you’ve never experienced before. In this session you will articulate who is your most profitable customer, how you help them, why they should do business with you and where to find more like them.

This is where the rubber hits the road allowing you to generate new leads & open up new opportunities “LIVE” in the workshop.

…..this session can generate thousands of dollars of new business on the day…!

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The small business workshop engineered for growth. 

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Session 3:

The Sales & Marketing Planner

In this third session you’ll develop your sales & marketing plan using the Lifecycle Marketing Planner which is a framework containing proven ideas and innovative strategies designed to help you get more customers, convert more sales and save you time.

Lifecycle Marketing has 9 steps grouped into 3 phases. Actioning just one step will have a positive impact on your sales! When you implement all 3 phases, just watch your business grow!

This framework have been used by thousands of very successful business’s worldwide and if followed will work for you

Session 4:


Automation has a flywheel effect on business growth. Unlocking time, resources and man power allowing you to achieve more in less time. Automation & smart systems improve productivity, enhance customer service, reduce costs and streamlines workflows. Automation tools also empowers you the business owner or manager to use Growth Hacking techniques to grow your business in ways you had never thought of before. All this translates straight to bottom line profit improvements!

During this final session you’ll review how to systemise your workflow, automate your sales & marketing and implement Growth Hacking metrics in order to get your business working for you. You’ll also eliminate costly bottlenecks that are restricting your growth.

Knowing how to implement small business automation tools can often be confusing. During this session you’ll test drive the latest in smart tools without any of the tech overwhelm. Empowering you to make intelligent technology decisions and unlock the true potential of your business.

  • Revenue Growth – 43%
  • Lead Increase – 38%
  • Customer Increase – 49%
  • Average time saved – 34%
  • Getting your life back – 90+%



Hi I’m Pascal Martin, a marketing automation specialist & growth hacker.

I’m thrilled to be facilitating this growth orientated workshop & helping you fully implement the 4 levers.

I’ve had the privilege of working with a diverse range of business’s big & small helping them implement intelligent predictable sales and marketing systems using marketing automation driven by growth hacking techniques.

You’re probably asking yourself, “What is Growth Hacking?”

Growth hacking is about spreading the right message to the right people as quickly as possible.

This was a term that came out of silicone valley with the marketing mindset that a marketer’s true north is growth.

Whereas a traditional marketer might be focused on a wide marketing berth often centred around brand awareness. A Growth Hacker is exclusively focused on marketing activities that lead to growth.

That’s good news for you when you attend and why I’ve been able to double my clients business’s, some in a matter of months.

As a growth hacker that means I have to be a generalist because I need to be both creative and be tech savvy.

The creative part of the equation allows me to bring the direct response marketing tactics & advance sales strategies to the table which you’ll experience in sessions 2 & 3. This will be the juicy parts of the workshop!

While the tech savvy is catered for by bringing in my expertise in automation & data tools like Infusionsoft, Keap, JUMP plus other tools in my toolbox. We’ll be using these tools in sessions 1 & 4. And if you’re the analytical type that loves predictability & guarantees? You’ll love these sessions.

The “hacking” in growth hacking is about the smart and creative use of technologies to achieve growth.


Throughout my career I’ve been very fortunate to have been exposed to such a wide range of sales and marketing experiences and I’ve seen what works and what doesn’t.

I designed this workshop specifically to allow business owners the time, tools and space to work on their business. Each individual session was designed around a strategy that I’ve had 100% success in, with my clients in the past. That’s why I’m so confident you will absolutely love this workshop, because I know, if you play full out you’ll get the same results too! That is the tools & techniques to rapidly grow your business.

Looking forward to meeting you.


Pascal Martin


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The small business workshop engineered for growth. 

Tickets Only $47

Learn From Us

Some of the big takeaways you’ll learn


How to get into and stay in the Google 3-Pack in local search

Business’s that show up in the 3 Pack generally get the lions share of search enquires.

How to manage your social media like a pro using scheduling tools

Love it or hate it, business’s need a strong social presence & social engagement to stay relevant.

How to generate a tonne of quality reviews from your best customers

97% of people read online reviews before making a decision. Reviews matter and should be part of your marketing strategy. 

How to optimise your Google My Business so it stands out

Most businesses have a Google Listing but few are optimised. Just doing a few tweak can pay dividends.


How to get listed on 40+ search directories to rank higher in search results and drive more business

Citations and directories broadens your brands exposure to new sources of traffic and helps customers find you.


How to use Growth Hacking tools and techniques to identify your best marketing opportunities

Knowing where your best leads and customers are coming from and how to tap into more of them for viral growth.


How to launch & manage a successful Facebook campaign for a positive return

Most who attempt FB advertising fail. Discover the proven launch process to stacks the odds of success in your favour.

How to use interest overlap and stacking in Facebook to laser targeted your perfect customer

There are over 1.3 billion FB uses. Precise targeting is the first step to Facebook marketing success.


How to use PR distribution to reach the front page of Google in less than 3 days

Leverage off the online heavy weights to generate hundreds of quality back-links and SEO juice for your website.

How to identify your most profitable customer, where to find them and attract more like them

Move beyond your ideal customer to your most profitable customer.

How to network like a pro and get introductions to quality referrals

Partake in the paradigm shift that networking is about giving business as oppose to receiving and then watch the referrals come in like magic!


How to become a micro-celebrity to dominate your market sector

Consumers naturally gravitate towards experts for solutions. Discover how to position yourself as the micro-celebrity in your industry.

How to turn your website into an ATM lead generation machine

Discover the key components your website must have to turn your website from a boring online brochure to an ATM lead generating machine.


How to engineer a buying experience to virtually double your sales overnight

How to create an extra-ordinary buying experience that compels customers to buy from you without pressure selling.


How to create a loyal tribe of repeat customers that buy more more often and refer all their friends and family

It is much easier and cheaper to sell your products and services to existing customers. Discover how to maximise their lifetime value.

How to use email marketing to scale your relationships and generate more sales

Email marketing has a 4300% return on investment. Email marketing works.

How to take your business online to reach a wider audience, even if your a local business

eCommerce sales account for 7% of all retail transaction and growing. Discover how to take your share of this growing online market.


How to use the latest in automation tools to eliminate repetitive tasks and free up your time

All business’s are in the technology business! Discover how to automate your business with ease and gain instant competative advantage.


How to identify low hanging fruit to generate instant sales

Most business owners miss the opportunities that are right at their front door. Discover your high yielding low hanging fruit on your doorstep.

....and so much more...!

The whole workshop is jam packed full of quality ideas and tactics you can use to boost your business FAST!.

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Words From Our Clients

Don’t just take our word for it. Hear what our clients have to say:

“Simply the best sales guy in the country. ”

John Dwyer

Director, The Institute of Wow

“We followed the process and our business grew over 70% in 3 months. Just amazing. Normally this is our quietest time of the year and now we’ve never been so busy!”

Kellie-Ann Ashton

CEO, The Fresh Events Group

“We Implemented the review strategy and generated over 90 five star reviews in a matter of months. The positive reviews attracted new business and helped us standout from all the competition.”

Billy Muir

Director, Brisbane Plumbing and Gas

“We automated our sales process to making it easier for our customers to buy from us which resulted in an 600% increase in sales in just 6 months. Just phenomenal. We’ve now expanded nationally.”

Erika Wager

Director, Nu-Line Sales & Marketing

“We followed Pascal’s advice and the traffic to our website has doubled. Pascal really knows his stuff.”

Julian Nichols

Principle CA, Epoch Intelligent Accounting

“Pascal has helped us implement a review and social media strategy to stand out from our competition. I highly recommend him.”

Natalie Johnson

Director, K-Oz Plumbing

“If it wasn’t for Pascal’s advice we wouldn’t have achieved the growth we have this year. We got a 10 time return on our facebook marketing budget using Pascal strategy. He’s amazing.”

Dee Littlewood

Speaker Coach, Infinity Events

“We completely automated our conveyancing business which helped us provide a faster service & completely dominate our local market. It’s just fantastic!” Kristy Bidner

Manager, Hunter Legal & Conveyancing

So supportive and engaging. I finally have a clear idea of what I need to do and the guidance to get what needs to be done for a successful online business.Sky Hunter

Owner, Green Smoothies in a POD


Frequently Asked

Is this workshop right for my business?

This workshop is specifically designed for small business. So whether you are a brick & mortar business in retail or hospitality, are in the trades or professional service. The strategies & tactics can be applied to any type of  business whether you are a team of 1 or 20. The practical applications in this workshop will help you attract new customers, generate more sales and grow your business. If that’s you? Then yes it’s perfectly suited for your business.

When will I get my Online Audit Report?

Once you register for the workshop you will be asked a couple of questions about your business in order for us to prepare your Report in advance. You will then get your report along with your Marketing Planner Workbook & other training materials on the day.

Can I bring a team member or my business partner with me?

When you register your attendance you will be the primary ticket holder. We understand that most business’s have a couple of key players whom collectively would benefit from attending the workshop together. As such your primary ticket allows you to register one FREE guest. If you would like to register more team members or request additional workbooks please email or call 07 3105 2871 and one of our friendly team members will be able to assist you.

Do you offer any Guarantees?

Yes absolutely! We provide a 100% satisfaction Guarantee. If at any stage during the workshop you find you are not getting massive value or see no benefit to your business, then simply hand back your Audit Report and workbooks. We’ll refund you no questions asked.

Register Today!

The small business workshop engineered for growth. 

Tickets Only $47


The small business workshop engineered for growth.

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